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Hookah Smoking SantaWe’re doing a special promo to end the year.  As you all know, we typically don’t do discounts.  It’s not a big thing for us, but to close out the year we wanted to get as many HoboHookahs out there to spread some shisha cheer… so we are doing a special 33% off coupon.

Go to HoboHookah.com and when you’re ready to check out, use the coupon code “holiday33” (no quotes) and BAM you’ve got yourself the best deal of the year.

The code is only good until December 25th, so make sure to get on it.

If I were you, I’d then stock some Tangiers Lemon Blossom.  It might not sound as delicious as Peach Iced Tea, but if I had a choice on any shisha to be in my bowl, it would be the Blossom.

It’s subtle, not too sweet, complex in a great way and it has legs that will smoke for over an hour. None of that juicy fruit gone in 60 seconds flavor that some other hookah tobacco’s leave you with.

Sincerest happy holidays wishes from us at HoboHookah! Now go score yourself that sweet discount while it’s still rocking!

5 Best NYC Hookah Bars

New York City Hookah Bars

So you want a hookah bar in New York City…

First off: great decision. Sure, NYC has some weak shisha spots. But it’s also got some rad ones.

And after running our HoboHQ through the Big Apple for several years, we know the spots.

Here Are Our Favorite New York Shisha Bars:

Jasmin Lounge

Sure, it’s in Astoria, Queens. Sure, few possess the courage and the gumption to make that voyage from Manhattan.


Because Jasmin is our perennial favorite and best hookah bar in Manhattan, Queens, or any other borough of New York City.

They’re cheap, serve legit shisha, provide free internet, and I’m pretty sure it’s open 24/7. And man, their coffee is nitrous for your mind. They’re very astute about keeping your coals solid too. This place takes me back to the old school ahwas of Egypt.

Be sure to check out the back patio. It mostly runs at night, but it’s rad and I think year-round. I’ve always gotten a table, even with large groups, but Jasmine Lounge definitely fills up during the typical peak times.

They don’t take cards, so bring cash. Cash is king in the classic Astoria hookah bars.

They don’t serve food, either, but you can bring in whatever you want. Or better yet, decree it the night of all that is Egyptian and hit up Mombar or Sabry’s beforehand. (Ask old man Mombar for some homemade Kushari.)

Like most of the Egyptian spots in Astoria, they also don’t serve booze. You shouldn’t have problems packing your own heat, though. Just don’t be overt about it.

Related: one of the cool things about these old school spots is they don’t muck around with two-hose hookahs or anything like that. Keeps it simple for you.

Horus Cafe

The go-to Manhattan spot, for better or worse, is Horus on 10th and Avenue A.

It’s a little more expensive than Jasmin, but it’s not bad for a Manhattan hookah bar that serves booze. It’s super chill during the day, so that’s the best time to drop by if you’re vibing for a more relaxed shisha session. At night, the music is uptempo and you’ll occasionally see a belly dancer trolling through the aisles. (How does she get her abs to move like that?) This place gets packed at night.

They’re food is glorious, though, so it’s a great dinner + pre-game spot. They offer a nice selection of legit shisha flavors.

Cozy Cafe

Cozy is a newcomer to the party and they’ve made an interesting array of choices in their setup.

It’s got mostly low seating, weird music videos that don’t seem to correlate to the actual music playing, and the place can be hot as hell inside.

But because it’s new and in a somewhat obscure location, you shouldn’t have problems getting a table anytime of day.


Let’s say you’re blacking out at HiFi and you need to step out for fresh air. But you don’t want to lose the energy.

Kazuza is your spot. The pretty drinks, the Russian servers, the serviceable hookahs. It’s the best NYC hookah bar to stop at between bars to get off your feet for a tick.

And they usually don’t mind if you dance with the belly dancer, which is nice.

I honestly can’t remember if they serve food or not. Memory of this place is always fuzzy. Bless you, HiFi and your customizable jukebox. Sorta takes me back to the old college hookah sessions.

Egyptian Coffee House

You can’t run this list without 2 submissions in Queens.

The guy doesn’t speak much English. If you order a lot, they’ll probably mess up your bill, but you’ll never know because all they give you is the total due. And the service is slow as balls.

… in short, if you want super authentic, this is your spot. I love everything about this place.

It’s the place to take your friends or your squeeze for an under-the-bridge and under-the-tongue dose of credibility.

But the shisha ain’t bad and you can anticipate a few dudes in there playing backgammon and casually watching soccer or Egyptian TV programming. And even with the occasional bill fiascos, it’s still pretty cheap.

A Final Ode To Hade Bade

I would be remiss not to mention Hade Bade (pronounced “HA-deh BA-deh”), the first NYC hookah bar I ever discovered courtesy of a young Turkish HoboHero.

Yeah, it was loungey, overpriced, and enforced a minimum charge.

But it was so red. Seriously. Red carpeting, lights, booth fabric. But in a cool way, sorta.

But they served decent shisha and had a great location near our favorite HoboBars. And their seating allowed you to lay on the ground, which was key.

Sadly, they closed a few years ago and no other hookah bar carried the torch in lounge-ability.

Here’s to you, Hade Bade. You were great while you lasted. We’ll honor you every time we hit up these best NYC hookah bars.

Liquor Bottle Hookah: Revisiting The Original HoboHookah Story

Liquor Bottles Hookah

Liquor bottles and hookahs… could there be a better marriage?

Many folks ask how we came up with the HoboHookah idea, so it’s time we revisit the birth of what some call the original alcohol bottle hookah.

Back in 2005, T-rent had just moved out to NYC to kick-start life after college. So there he is: new city, new job, new pad. Time for a victory shisha, right?

Except for the massive problem.

The movers had found a way to break his glorious, spinning, (mostly) metal Egyptian hookah in half.

I’ll forever wonder how they did this. T-rent, of course, was broke… but not broken. So like any HoboHero, he grabbed a sniffer of Bombay Saphire and considered his next move.

And that’s when the idea struck: The Bombay Saphire bottle would make a beautiful vase for a shisha. Which led to another realization: there are lots of liquor bottles that would make awesome vases.

So he started Googling around for Jack Daniels hookahs, Ciroc hookahs, Hypnotiq hookahs, and even wandered into the dark world of DIY Hookahs. Amazingly, he couldn’t find any good liquor bottle hookahs.

And thus, the idea was born. It was time to figure out how to make one of our own. He grabbed a 3L grape soda bottle, 20 bucks, and rolled out to Home Depot. A few hours later, we had our first hookah from a bottle.

Ghetto and glorious. Fragile, but functional.

A friend bequeathed it “a hookah for hobos.” The HoboHookah was born.

Even on that first iteration, you could easily notice several conveniences of the design. You didn’t have to worry about your vase. Oh, you broke your 3L grape soda bottle? Here’s $2.99 to buy another. It was much lighter to carry around. And it was an even better conversation-starter than hookahs already are.

(One fun fact is the original design screwed on to bottles, rather than using a rubber grommet to slide over the neck.)

From there, we iterated the design for over year. Then we spent another 6 months figuring out how to manufacture that bitch. But soon enough, we had the ultimate “liquor bottle hookah” as some call it.

Hookah Love

One of the cooler perks of this adventure is seeing other people design their own pipes. In honor of all the ingenuity out there, here are some of our favorite pics:

The Ciroc Car Hookah:

Ciroc Car Hookah

The Trusty Keg Hookah:

Keg Hookah

The Classic Grey Goose Bottle Hookah

Grey Goose Hookah Bottle

Man, I really love those mini bottles at the end of the hoses.

I Miss The Days/Daze of Goldschlager:

goldschlager hookah

A Truly Dandy Patron Hookah Cake (Cake!):

Patron Hookah Cake

Always Appreciate the Home Made Ones:

2 Hose Liquor Hookah

Was the HoboHookah the original liquor bottle hookah? Maybe. But there sure are a lot of cool ones out there now. We’re just glad to be part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


=Best Thanksgiving EVER.



Happy Thanksgiving HoboHeroes!

In just a few days from now you’ll be shoving your gullet full of turkey and trimmings.  Perhaps you’ll be with family or perhaps with some friends.  Maybe cheering on the Bears or (gulp) the Lions.  Some of you may be praying that the Cowboys don’t suffer a repeat of The Bounty Bowl, while those in Philly will be giggling with glee as the Eagle broadcasters chomp down on a turkey dressed in a Romo Jersey.  Those who haven’t yet fallen into a tryptophan induced comma will get to see if the 49ers first hosting of a Thanksgiving game will bring them any luck.

While turkey and football are quintessential parts of the holiday, the most important aspects, of course, are giving thanks and spending time with loved ones. We took our HoboHookahs on some pretty amazing trips this year, and we’re feeling pretty damn grateful about that.  Most importantly though, we’re feeling thankful for you.  It may sound a little cheesy, but it’s true.  We’ve got the coolest customers around, and getting to interact with you makes our day, everyday.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be spending time with your loved ones (and possibly even a few not-so-loved-ones). Whether it’s a gregarious group or a few awkward hermits, let me tell you why your HoboHookah will be the perfect Thanksgiving accompaniment:

1) A  hookah is a strong uniting force. Not only does it help break the ice, but also brings people together.  So don’t pass out on the couch, grab a few hip relatives and break out the hookah.

2) It can help relieve stress from the big games.  I don’t know about you, but I’m prone to shouting a lot during football, particularly if my team isn’t doing so well.  This Thanksgiving though I’m going to be calm as a cucumber as I puff on some shisha.

3) Because there’s pumpkin pie flavored shisha!  Best dessert ever.

4) It’s history!  Smoking was almost certainly a part of the original Thanksgiving(s).  I say Thanksgivings because there’s actually quite a bit of debate about what gets credited as the first. The Thanksgiving that most people think of is the one that took place in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts where the Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe came together for several days to celebrate their harvest.  Guess what they liked to do together?  Smoke!  Here’s John Carver (a Pilgrim), smoking a peace pipe with Chief Massasoit just before Thanksgiving.


Before the Thanksgiving in Plymouth took place though there were several other similar type festivals that happened in the New World, giving them a good stake in the claim as the ‘first Thanksgiving.”

Some believe Spanish explorers should get the credit for either their thanksgiving ceremony of 1565 in Florida or 1598 ceremony in Texas .  Others believe the English settlers in Virginia (specifically Jamestown or the Berkeley Hundred) should get the credit for one of their celebrations held in the early 1600s.

Regardless of which one you consider to be the first, they have some common themes….one of which is smoking!   The Spanish were avid smokers and the first to bring tobacco back from the New World.

Virginia?  You’ve probably all heard of tobacco crops in Virginia.  In fact, the thanksgiving in Jamestown in 1619 was a celebration of a good tobacco crop.

So basically by smoking some shisha on Thanksgiving you’ll be continuing the long honored tradition of pairing smoking with your feast.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hookahs and Hip Hop


The other night I fired up my hookah and set my iPod to “hip hop.” Not a single song from the past decade came on.  Realizing that my music collection needed some serious updating I took to the internet to find some new tunes.  Not sure how I missed it earlier this year when it was released, but I just came across Tyga’s song, “Hookah,” featuring Young Thug.

Upon first listen I dismissed the song as garbage.  It made me wonder if I needed to update my collection after all—weren’t the 80s and 90s the glory days of hip hop anyway?   I immediately called some friends to get their opinions on Tyga & his song “Hookah” and they affirmed my initial reaction.  This comment from a friend seemed to sum up the consensus, “Man, that guy is clown shoes.”

Checking out the reviews, however, it appeared my buddies and I  seemed to be in the minority.  The song has good reviews and hit number 85 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Was I missing something?  I decided to give it another listen- nope, still not doing it for me.  This past weekend something happened though.  I found myself singing, “Baby pass me the hookah.”  Dammit, it’s catchy.  And there’s something about that beat…

Had I been too hasty?  While I still think lyrically there’s much to be desired (putting it mildly), the beat and catchy refrain might just compensate enough to make a fun song to listen to during my next shisha sesh.

“Hookah” also got me wondering about hookahs in hip hop.   Over the past few years we’ve seen pics of rappers like Lil John and Future smoking hookahs grace the internet.

Lil JohnFuture

In the beginning of the year, Rapper The Game signed a deal to endorse Phantom Smoke Hookah Pens (to the tune of 1 million dollars).

The Game

And just this past March we came across a pic of Drake smoking a hookah.  Is the hookah finding a more prominent place in hip hop?  Or is it like Tyga’s music and I’m just behind the times?  Last year in his song “Hiljack” Tyga himself said, “We ain’t smokin’ that hookah.”   Now it seems we are, and we’re smoking it with hip hop music.



Trent, Maynard
Trent, Maynard

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Mike, Duke of the Dream

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